The People

I am humbled by all these folks that I met back in 1970 and over the last couple of years. Sadly, some have left us, yet I'm thankful their music and stories will remain forever. Some are creating new and exciting blues stories - historians and hospitality entrepreneurs, musicians and art dealers, state officials, museum managers, and travelers from Arkansas to Australia.


Anthony Big A Sherrod
Barbara Newman
Big George Brock
Bill Perry
Bill Talbot
Bill Williams
Caleb Penland
Chris Davis
Christone "Kingfish" Ingram
Court Nixon
Dave Houston
Deak Harp
Dick Waterman
Edgar Smith
Ella Embry
Furry Lewis
Gahlia Volt
Grace Askew
Guenter Marquardt
Guy Davis
Hezekiah Early
Ilana Katz Katz
Jesse Cotton Stone
Jimmy "Duck" Holmes
Kinchen "Bubba" O'Keefe
King Edward
Libby Rae Watson
Liza Dunbar
Lucious Spiller
Lucy Piper
Malcolm White
Molly Gene
Peter Guralnick
Rachelle Coba
Red Paden
Rev Peyton + BDB
RL Boyce
Robert Pete Williams
Roger Stolle
Ryan Crosby
Scott Barretta
Scott Dunbar
Sean Bad Apple
Shelley Ritter
Shy Perry
Sleepy John Estes
Terry Harmonica Bean
Tim Treadway
Watermelon Slim
Woodrow Adams