Words from those in the music and film community.
"The film puts you in the passenger seat right next to the filmmaker rounding the bend on a 50 year old odyssey: to excavate the last living blues legends and his own youthful filmmaking past. Reed once again rattles back through time and the deep south, brushing the dust off the towns, tunes, and sweat-soaked juke joints where the blues bloomed-- and still do. The movie is a sweet sad song of praise for those unsung, who wove their troubles and dreams into the original fabric of American music."

- Joyce Kulhawik, Arts and Entertainment Critic

"A story of blues friends, fans and follow through, Ted Reed's remarkable BLUES TRAIL REVISITED spans 50 years — tying together past Southern blues traditions with those of the present day and perhaps even the future."

- Roger Stolle, Cat Head Promotions

"The memories that this film brought back were outstanding and made me want to go back and discover some of the places that I missed…This movie will also make anyone that is not into the Blues or Mississippi change their mind."

- Paul Benjamin, North Atlantic Blues Festival

“Blues Trail Revisited” is documentary storytelling at its best. Reed does a beautiful job of weaving together a treasure of never-before-seen footage of blues musicians who are long gone, playing music inspired by the civil rights movement and the daily tribulations of love, life, and loss. The story, and the footage, begins on a 1971 road trip along the Bluestrail and wraps up 50 years later when Reed retraces this trail. The stark changes to Reed's life and the places he visited are poignant, sweet, and bittersweet all wrapped together. A must-see for Blues fans."

- Ilana Katz Katz, Musician